This emerald green natural hot spring will soothe your body and mind.
A moment of perfect tranquility, embraced by stillness, in harmony with the Agano River.

Introducing Niigata

About two hours from Tokyo, Niigata is blessed with colorful seasonal changes and the bounty of the mountains and sea.

Located near the center of the Japanese archipelago, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter are clearly distinct in Niigata. There are many ways to enjoy Niigata, such as outdoor pursuits enjoying the mountains and sea, and cuisine featuring seasonal fish and vegetables. In recent years, traditional fireworks displays and characterful local ramen have garnered attention from around Japan. We invite you to experience Niigata's unique charm.

About Satorikan

Refined elegance in a relaxing Japanese style.
Through large scenic outlook windows, you can watch the serenely flowing Agano River. Your feeling of bliss starts here—face to face with the four seasons of nature.


Baths with sparkling, emerald green 100% pure hot spring water are located on the top floor of Satorikan overlooking the magnificent Agano River.
Feel nature's breath on your skin and immerse yourself in the superb view. Your time here is a time for quiet, satisfying comfort. Savor to your heart's content these moments you can only experience at Sakihana Onsen.


We preserve even the aroma of fresh ingredients from the mountains and sea.
Each dish is a tribute to nature, a work of art with dramatic plating in vessels selected for their delicate refinement.
Please enjoy the flavors with both your eyes and your palate.


Windows open onto a spectacular panoramic view of the Agano River. The songs of mountain birds echo in the air. Experience the luxury of travel in the quietly contented passage of time.

Reception floor SATORI

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